Callie: How Curiosity Leads To Opportunities

Have you ever found yourself saying "Yes" to opportunities that you fear? Only to have those fears lead to your life's purpose? 

We talk with our guest Callie Chamberlain on our Instagram IGTV series: Goldyn Hour, to learn how curiosity and opportunity intersect.

Callie is a transformative soul who lives through curiosity. And has a long list of accomplishments that never cease to amaze us!

She has done work with the United Nations by contributing to the implementation of Youth 2030: the UN Youth Strategy and developed grassroots strategies in Egypt, Morocco, and Qatar on behalf of the UN to prevent violent extremism across the Middle East and North Africa.

Filmed an award-winning documentary highlighting the role of women in a refugee crisis, Refugee Is Not My Name. The documentary was filmed in 2018 AND can still be watched here.

And has even co-founded Harmoni, a micro-work app which connects refugees to income opportunities. 


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A few highlights from our conversation with Callie,

Q: How building deep relationships through conversations led to the creation of the documentary, Refugee Is Not My Name. 

Callie: "...None of this was planned. It was literally just like when you're having conversations with people, when you can be in deep relationship, when you can understand and be opened to the possibilities. There are things that emerge you could never fucking plan for. And so that's really what happened. This conversation, led to this conversation, led to us really caring about people and fulfilling their need for wanting to have their story told. That then becomes the purpose. From there we move forward..."

Q: What does it mean to follow the fear? 

Callie: "I mean I think I just said Yes to a lot of things and by nature of being uncomfortable you just get used to the process, you clarify what you're doing and why. I was just talking to one of my mentees today and she was talking about being rejected from this program and she was so sad about it. Look this shit is hard. I get it. I've been there. It's challenging. But you also won. What's meant for you cannot miss you. If you subscribe to that belief. It's not meant to work out right now, it's okay..."

"Fear for me now is how do I go inward, how do I sit with myself, how do I feel about certain parts of myself, how can I fully show up."

Q: How were you called into doula work?

Callie: "It was honestly a number of things that I sorta got pointed to at a certain point.

I’m adopted and I have a couple of friends who are starting to adopt and going through that process who wanted some support/insight. What is it like to be adopted? I thought to myself - Let me get more educated about what this space is so I can give you more than my perspective. I really want to support you through this process. And then I learned about being a doula.

....I started seeing it all come together in this very interesting way. It built me in this very transformative way because it happened at the right time. I took the training when I needed to because I found the right place because I waited. All these things we’ve been talking about. I feel like I got led here. But I definitely feel like this is on purpose. This is what I’m supposed to be doing." 


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