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A Creative Developer by his own standards, Erik lives by "The Three I's": Ideate, Innovate, and Inspire. Originally working as a photographer, and alumni of one of the biggest underground art collectives in Detroit, @heavenlydogs, Erik mixes IT, Business Development, and Art to create explosive combinations.

Erik started working as a Computer Operator for the US Gov before venturing overseas to try his hand in creating his own digital agency. After several contracts in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan, Erik moved to Laos where he currently serves as the CIO of one of the biggest startups in Laos, GoTeddy. It is here that he also created an internship program for Lao Youth interested in Fine Art, IT, and Business entitled Laos First (

Besides hard work and dedication, Erik acknowledges that his success is largely due to the manifestation techniques he's learned over the years and the cultivation of positive energy. "We are all vessels, and what we fill ourselves up with decides our maximum potential".

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“Writing things down is the strongest thing you can do for yourself to put yourself in the place you want to be.” - Erik

Enjoy a Goldyn Hour snippet of Erik’s conversation with Co-Host, @angelcyang about a technique that he practices to manifest his own creation.

The number one thing are your thoughts and words. You have to want the urge to think. The next step if you want to solidify the energy you want to bring into your life. You have to write things down. That is the key component, and you have to write often. If you’re writing something down that you want and reading it back to yourself. You’re creating a reflection of what you want. You’re constantly addressing yourself and your idea(s). When you write something down you’re literally inscribing into the universe into history and it doesn’t matter who reads it or not. You kind of have to know what you want and practice. 

For people who don’t write much. Making a list of things you want to do or learn. Places you want to go. Be simple. Have a notebook that you have around that is small. Instead of having your phone, just whip out your notebook and write it down.

Journaling can definitely be something mature. Reflecting your day or your past. Timekeeping. That’s really good. You need to be able to check in with yourself and look back and see what you’ve written. This was the path I was on. It kind of works as a ledger - like check your math. Mature writing when it comes to the mindset. You really have to prioritize the idea of hey I need to write down what I’m going to do or otherwise I would not be able to do it as effectively as I would like to. Find something that you like. I have so many different notebooks.

“Speak/write it into existence.” - Erik

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