Ozzy: Transforming and Trusting the Next Chapter in Your Life

Being Filipino-American and growing up in a the Bay Area, Ozzy was no stranger to music and dance. Having moved to the Twin Cities, Ozzy had to readjust as his surroundings changed and more importantly the people he was much rooted to had been more or less different from what he had known. Luckily, he found a friend who brought dance back into his life. This conversation is about how Ozzy moved through the different transitions in his life through dance. He shares how he found his greatest passion with House Dancing and how it transformed his view on dance overall. His journey of trusting and transforming the next chapter in his life, pays homage to the many dance skills he has acquired and to his entrepreneurial spirit. 

Ozzy Dris is a proud Filipino-American born and raised in the Bay Area who resides in the Twin Cities. He is first and foremost an artist through his professional dance career and an entrepreneur.  With a true dedication of 18 years in dance his skills range in styles of Breaking, Rocking and his most influential one being House Dancing. 

He continues to influence the local and international scene through competing, teaching, performing, and judging festivals. As a member of The Break Cops, Rock Lordz, Soul Steppers, Circle Theory, and the MN dance community, he strives to help expand the urban street/club dance culture in Minnesota and all over the Midwest. His most proud accomplishment is being recognized as the face of House Dancing in Minnesota. 

Ozzy’s goals and aspirations boil down to one thing, that is to live an abundant life and leave an amazing legacy for his family and to inspire others.

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