Randa & Shalisa: Why Serving Yourself is Important

This dynamic duo has come together to continue what they do best, providing a service that not only serves themselves but their communities. Randa and Shalisa are the founders of Toast Tours, a concierge service specializing in customizable events focused on bringing any event to life. 

As friends starting a business together, they pride themselves in the respect they give to each other which sets the foundation of their work ethics. Creating for a well balanced team. Both with extensive experience serving their communities in many areas and through various platforms, Randa and Shalisa are shining beacons who are dedicated to being of service where needed. Most importantly, they share what self love is, how to preserve your energy, and why serving yourself is important.

Shalisa is a creative business and marketing professional in Minnesota. She has a dynamic background in community outreach, mission work, production, and the service industry. 

In her current role as a real estate agent, Shalisa connects people not only to homes but community. Being deeply rooted in her own community, she believes anytime people gather, support or relate to a cause or simply for enjoyment, a community is created.

In addition to the many hats she wears, she is the Co-Owner of Toast Tours, a bar concierge centered on curating memorable experiences. 

No matter the work, Shalisa stands on the belief that building genuine relationships and connections are the fuel to any fire.

Randa is deeply passionate about youth development and creating equitable opportunities. She holds a Masters in Youth Development and Leadership from the University of Minnesota.

As the Center Director at the YMCA, she builds programs addressing diversity and inclusion efforts and the effects and opportunities it has on the youth. Her passion to serve people stems from her gift of instilling confidence in her peers, friends, and family by inspiring and motivating their actions. 

Along with her community leadership, Randa is the Co-Owner of Toast Tours, a bar concierge centered on curating memorable experiences.

Randa believes that the internal work you do for yourself only quantifies the experience of others.

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