Tips for Round Faces

Round faces have soft angles and smooth lines with fuller cheeks and a rounder chin. Gently proportioned for an overall circular face.

When selecting frame styles that complement round faces, it's important to focus on frames with sharp angles to help contour cheekbones and give structure to the overall curves of the face. 

Here's how you can highlight key features of your round face.

  • Rectangular frames help contour your face by making it appear longer and thinner.
  • Angular and geometric frames are not only fun but it's distinct lines and angles help create a balance to the smooth lines of your face.
  • Cat-eye frames provide a slimming effect and give you a facelift without the long recovery time.

Frames that will take attention away from your round face are small oval and narrow styles. 

Don't forget, these are just guidelines. We always recommend you choose what best fits your style. 

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