Shayla: Defining Personal Success

Through life's many obstacles, Shayla has found herself curiously searching to ground herself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. She begins by sharing that molding herself to a concept of success did not serve her. Through her experience of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, she later was reminded by her father to review what Personal Success means to her. Shayla also shares how she measures her personal success with daily emotional check-in's inching her closer and closer to her own definition of an overall success which continues to serve her. 

If Shayla had to summarize herself, she’d say her passions include bringing joy, building relationships, empowering others, creating, and facilitating change.

After a whirlwind of life experience and adventure in Seattle, Washington, Shayla knew the time was right to 'open shop' in her home state of Minnesota. With a mission to operate with precision, integrity, and tenacity, she founded a management consulting firm named Corporate Carpentry Consulting. She ‘builds’ business process improvement strategies, provides blueprints for information privacy & compliance controls readiness, and equips clients with the tools they need to measure twice and cut once!

Ever since her days as a boisterous kindergartner demanding to wear neon knee-highs with printed dresses, styling has been a facet of life that brings Shayla joy beyond words. Desiring a creative outlet during the pandemic, Shayla opened her doors to The Plant Penthouse a lifestyle blog and interior plant styling service providing a destination for living vibrantly at home.

Educating and empowering with vibrant and sustainable solutions is at the core of each venture, providing Shayla the space to thrive in her purpose.

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