Ziad & Emmy: Finding Freedom through Entrepreneurship

An extraordinary and brave couple who decided to take the road less travelled. A couple who ditched the 9-5, and found freedom through entrepreneurship & lifestyle design.

All within a 3.5 year span, the couple got married, quit their corporate jobs and moved to Thailand. They eventually found themselves back in the States, grinding it out in mortgage banking. The entrepreneurial calling inevitably re-appeared--they took the jump, flipped well over a dozen homes in a year, and found themselves in a whole new world of freedom.

Today, the couple is traveling the country in their DIY camper van while creating new businesses, and living to their values.

You can follow their journey via Youtube or Instagram.


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A few highlights from our conversation with Ziad & Emmy:

Q: Define what freedom means to you.

Ziad: Well I read a book called 4 hour work week back in 2013. It was a game changer for me. Really, I felt like it put words to how I felt. At that time, I was in college. It hit me --Freedom of time, location, & just entrepreneurship really started to speak to me and aligned with my values. Freedom to me is really being able to live out your purpose and vision whatever that might be. Being able to live life—you only have one life. My level of freedom it also goes deeper than that with psycho spiritual freedom.

Emmy: Having freedom in my heart just as a person. I always push boundaries. I never really liked authority and questioned why/what are the rules? Is this founded in what I believe in? And I’ve always just been that kind of person. I think it’s easy to get down the path once you’re in high school--you’re studying, you’re supposed to apply for college, and whatnot. There’s kind of these pre-planned steps that we’re given to follow. I think that it’s just something to question and look into your own heart and just say what is my special gift? Purpose? Following your inspiration and own heart and vision to lead your life rather than…

Q: How long ago did you discover your values and put it into action?

Emmy: We came with our visions of freedom separately. We were on that path before we connected and when we connected on our first or second date. We were talking about all of these concepts. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Live a life of freedom? I was into tiny homes, minimalism, alternative living. He was more about the financial freedom. It was kind of the perfect storm. Our values really lined up.

Q: What's a take away, closing statement, or quote you would like to share with the audience?

Emmy: I will say this year a mantra that resonated with me that I've been repeating to myself, "Everyday I wake up, I have everything I need." That's been very close to my heart.

Ziad: I just want to let everybody know that we're just normal people. I believe that everybody has a vision that's given to them by god, the universe, or higher self. It's a dream that you might have. You don't know where it's going to lead you. You just need to listen to that voice however it comes to you in your life that inspiration and whatever it is it's going to challenge you. If you just take one step, put one foot in front of the other. You'll see what god or the universe has for you.

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