• Callie: How Curiosity Leads To Opportunities

    Have you ever found yourself saying "Yes" to opportunities that you fear? Only to have those fears lead to your life's purpose?

    We talk with our guest Callie Chamberlain on our Instagram IGTV series: Goldyn Hour, to learn how curiosity and opportunity intersect.

  • What is The Goldyn Hour?

    With the Goldyn Hour, we give you the opportunity to get to know the people who inspire us in hopes of building a community of learning together, connecting together, and growing together.
  • Tips for Oblong Face

    Oblong faces have an overall rectangular shape with strong angles that accentuate the boldness of its structure.
  • Tips for Heart & Diamond Faces

    Heart-shaped faces are wide at the brow and forehead, narrowing down to a sharper chin with high cheekbones.
  • Tips for Round Faces

    Round faces have soft angles and smooth lines with fuller cheeks and a rounder chin. Gently proportioned for an overall circular face.